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Nov 29, 2012 4:00am PST
day of meetings with republican senators, u.n. ambassador susan rice has received a new vote of confidence from president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. the president called rice extraordinary during a cabinet meeting that she attended. clinton led a round of applause for rice, who is considered to be the front-runner to be nominated as clinton's successor, a point clinton later touched on during a news conference. >> susan rice has done a great job as our ambassador to the united nations and, of course, this decision about my successor is up to the president, but i'm very happy he has the opportunity with a second term to make a decision. >> but on capitol hill tennessee republican senator bob corker spoke with rice wednesday and later warned the president that the job of secretary of state is held at a higher standard than his other appointees. >>> elsewhere, later today, "time" magazine will release a provocative exclusive. the magazine calls egyptian president mohammed morsi the most important man in the middle east. president morsi tells "time" that althou
Nov 30, 2012 4:00am PST
towards forming two independent states of palestine and israel moving forward. u.n. ambassador susan rice called the vote a setback. the u.s. had threatened funding in the west bank in the hopes of preventing it. now rice says that the only way to truly form an independent palestinian state is through direct negotiations with israel. she says that is something the u.s. is committed to making happen. despite those comments, palestinians took to the streets yesterday in a step towards independence. now do both sides come to the table and start talking about peace. both israel and palestine has said that is something they want. reporting live in washington, back to you. >> all right, danielle. thanks so much. >>> well, secretary of state hillary clinton is weighing in on two major mid east situations, both with great u.s. interest involved. amid reports the obama administration is preparing to recognize syria's opposition counsel as the legitimate representative of the people, clinton notes rebels are now able to hold their ground and take the fight to government forces. >> we have been deep
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am PST
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Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
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Dec 4, 2012 4:00am PST
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Dec 6, 2012 4:00am PST
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Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6